Defy the laws of chemistry

The RHEAvolution: : CREAM + B-DOSE, the ultimate customization.

Pure active ingredients in drops, the B-Doses that added to the cream create an ultra-rich momentaneous mixture. Have fun creating the right mixture for your skin.

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Customized method of
Bio-restructuring Layering

Rediscover the pleasure of spending time in the beauty center and relying on the expert hands of the Rhea Dermotecnologist® that will create the most suitable and tailor made treatment for you. The innovative Bio-restructuring Layering method, thanks to the stratification of active ingredients, allows to obtain a deep action on the tissues and a result of maximum efficiency.

The results guaranteed by the scientific nature of the formulations are made even more visible on a face and a body in their maximum state of relaxation: this is why with Rhea; scientific efficacy is combined with well-being.


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Experience RHEA with a completely customizable product based on the real needs and characteristics of your skin.

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Safety and Certifications

Produced following the most restrictive GMP (good manufacturing practice) regulation, RHEA takes a step forward by also following the strict QUALITÀ VEGANA (vegan quality) regulations.

All of our formulations are dermatologically tested and completely MADE IN ITALY.

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You can count on a solid and structured company that uses a strong and prepared sales force. Counselors that can coach you for your business development. With excellent training and a staff at your disposal, you have the certainty of performing effective treatments and prescribing customized and suitable products. We will support you in increasing your professional competence and you will be able to better manage your business.

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