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Redefining Biphasic Body Lotion

  • 150 ml
Concentrated body biphasic with instantaneous absorption that easily counteracts the blemishes of cellulite and localized fat. The ... product can suffer a change in color due to the high percentage of vegetal extracts present in the formulation; this does not alter in any way its efficiency.
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Morning and/or evening
Biphasic (water + oil)

The visibility of the orange peel look is reduced, the body is remodeled and the shapes regain balance and harmony. The nebulization eases the application and the immediate absorption of the product.

  • 62,92€

Active ingredients

  • Iodine-Trap

    Bonded iodine based complex (does not interfere with thyroid processes), which is a fundamental element for the activation of specific enzymes capable of breaking down the fatty acids that compose, with glycerol, the lipid structures. It also performs an osmotic action on liquids, reducing edemas.
  • Caffeine

    Capable of activating lipolysis through the stimulation of a fundamental substance in the lipid metabolism: cAMP, a true fuel for the enzyme lipase, responsible for lipid hydrolysis. Lipases are the main mediators of lipolysis, the process of breaking down and disposing of triglycerides.
  • Horsetail Extract

    Rich in antioxidant substances, silica and molecules with astringent properties, horsetail is used to give new firmness and elasticity to the skin, thanks to its draining and detox effects on the organism. The Horsetail trunks are rich in minerals, sterol, ascorbic acid, phenolic acids and flavonoids.