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Overnight Toning Body Balm

  • 150 ml
Ultra-rich tonifying body balm capable of releasing actives for a prolonged time during sleep. The chrono-active ingredients, tone, ... moisturize and sculpt the contour of the body.
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Thick emulsion

The skin appears more elastic and the tissues more toned. Tissue failure is reduced.

  • 65,56€

Active ingredients

  • Nightshape

    Natural polysaccharide technologically extracted from Plankton, stimulates lipid reduction during nighttime, using Circadian Rhythms, in fact it limits lipogenesis. Furthermore, it increases tissue tone by protecting the sustaining fibers of the dermis and by limiting the appearance of cellulite nodules.
  • Oligopeptide 6

    Hexapeptide that reinforces physiological reparation and renewal mechanisms of cellular DNA, preserving its genomic integrity and cellular youth. Our DNA undergoes endogenous and exogenous traumas due to genotoxic agents that can cause a cell collapse on the cutaneous level.
  • ConcreteWax

    Dermo-compatible waxy-ceramide concentrate that improves the barrier function of dehydrated, senescent or sensible skins. This exclusive ceramide pool (1-3-6) cholesterol, fatty acids and phytosphingosine act as cellular mediator for the maintainment of cutaneous homeostasis.