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SOS Hands

Rejuvenating Hand Balm

  • 75 ml
Precious multitasking balm specifically designed for the hands, that are always exposed to chemical, physical and environmental stress. ... The formula is a mixture of nourishing, brightening, soothing and skin protective ingredients.
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When needed
Creamy balm

The hands are immediately releived thanks to the nourishing and restoring actives present in the formula. The look of the skin is immediately brighter, nourished and hydrated.

  • 32,34€

Active ingredients

  • White Truffle Extract

    Precious tuber that possesses a brightening effect thanks to enzymes that regulate the production of melanin contributing to the elimination of cutaneous spots. Possesses a lifting effect deriving from stimulating and regenerating amino acids, lysine and methionine (essential amino acids).
  • Phytic Acid

    Obtained from rice fermentation, it is a powerful chelating agent capable of preventing biomolecule oxidation. As a mechanism of action, it inhibits Fenton’s reaction that sparks from the presence of an initiating agent as Iron Ion II, activating melanogenesis.
  • Lipofil Complex

    Selection of restitutive sebum-like oils (the hands do not possess sebaceous glands) of vegetal origin, rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, unsaponifiable fractions, fat-soluble vitamins and ceramides precursors obtained from oily fruit seeds such as Borage, Linen, Olive and sweet Almonds.

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