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SOS Skin

Repair Balm

  • 150 ml
Ultra-rich emulsion that helps the skin of face and body restore the natural barrier thanks to repairing active ingredients. The ... soothing and regenerating substances normalize environmentally and photo induced stressed skins, soothing redness and sensitivations.
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Morning and/or evening
Creamy balm

The skin regains comfort, rednesses are soothed and burning sensations reduced. The unpleasant itching sensations are immediately releived thanks to a renewed deep regeneration.

  • 64,02€

Active ingredients

  • Olive Unsaponifiables

    It is the most valuable part of olive oil, rich in sterols, fat-soluble vitamins, carotenoids and antioxidants; stimulates the generation of new collagen and elastin fibers from the fibroblasts and performs a very important restitutive and protecting action. Soothes and decongests the skin.
  • Bisabolol

    Obtained by distillation of chamomile extract, Bisabololol is usually used in cosmetics for sensitive and delicate skins, because of its delicate soothing, calming, decongesting, de-stressing, skin restoring and anti-reddening properties. Soothes the skin.
  • Urea

    Physiologically present in healthy skin, it is a component of the natural moisturizing factor (NMF) of the skin. It possesses moisturizing and soothing properties, by efficiently retaining water molecules it deeply hydrates the skin, softening the skin layers and promoting restoration.