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B-Dose I

Moisturizing Face B-Dose

  • 10 ml
Moisture source for the skin, pure actives with a moisturizing and restoring action. Counteracts deep and superficial skin dryness.
Type of skin
Dehydrated skin
Morning and evening

The skin is moisturised deep down beneath the surface thanks to the high liquid fraction added to the formula by the B-Dose. The functional active ingredients have a long-lasting action, moisturising the skin on the surface and in depth.

  • 53,90€

Active ingredients

  • Hyalu-Fill

    Topical filler that contains cross-linked hyaluronic acid, due to its high capacity of capturing water and penetrating deep in the tissue, it creates an excellent plumping effect from the inside.
  • Hydraglucose

    Highly hydrating sugar molecule that besides increasing epidermal hydration is also capable of stimulating filaggrin and therefore increasing the performance of the skins natural moisturising factor (NMF).
  • Bio Placental EGFs

    Protein extracted from vegetable bio placenta. These molecules possess an anti-wrinkle, firming, regenerating, repairing and nourishing action; the EGFs (Epidermal Growth Factor), stimulate hyaluronic acid synthesis along with growth and cell separation processes.

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