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B-Dose V

Skin Radiance Face B-Dose

  • 10 ml
Brightness for your skin, with pure actives extracted from bioluminescent floral extracts.Brightens the complexion.
Type of skin
Dull skin
Morning and evening

The complexion is instantly radiant, with a “lit-from-within” effect. The skin looks healthy, even and free from asphyxial or poorly oxygenated areas. The anti-oxidising action prevents the appearance of free radicals, also ensuring long-lasting hydration.

  • 53,90€

Active ingredients

  • Luminexin

    This vegetal complex is capable of protecting the skin from UV rays, transforming them into a light source that irradiates the skin. Luminexin uses the luminescent properties of the vegetal phytocomplex of the Verbascum flower, in other words it can re-emit electromagnetic radiations.
  • Lightsystem

    Natural phospholipidic based liposomal complex with an Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C) conveying action, for a prolonged and constant release in time. Vitamin C is released in the deepest layers of the skin, stimulating the production of collagen and performing a brightening action.
  • AntioxySystem

    Natural phospholipid based liposomal complex that carries soothing substances for oxidative processes: Ubiquinone and Alpha Lipoic Acid. The mixture of actives performs a neutralizing action on free radicals and a chelating action on metal derivatives to preserve an optimal genetic expression.

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