Being Italian, we bring forward one of the most rooted concept on Italian ground, the family, that is what we are.

Franca, with her sons Sara and Gianmarco, represents the original nucleus that then sank its roots to welcome all the members of this team, grown over time.

Few people at the beginning, today more than one hundred. What we were is what we are: a family that made cosmetics their job and their passion, trying to spread into the world a message of uniqueness.

RHEA: Innovation born from experience

Let us introduce ourselves, we are Dermosfera Worldwide Cosmetics. We have been on the cosmetic market for over 30 years, to create Rhea cosmetics we started from the experience we gathered and started evolving it in order to create the best that could be proposed.

With Rhea Cosmetics, we propose an alternative solution for experiencing cosmetics. Something that brought back the individual and its uniqueness whether she is an aesthetic worker, any man or woman in the intimacy of her own domestic beauty routine.

Every skin is unique and unrepeatable; the Rhea solution for your skin exists and is constantly changing, like you.

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