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Toning Biphasic Body Lotion

  • 150 ml
Concentrated body biphasic with instantaneous absorption and a powerful toning, redensifying and firming action. The product can suffer ... a change in color due to the high percentage of vegetal extracts present in the formulation; this does not alter in any way its efficiency.
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Morning and/or evening
Biphasic (water + oil)

The skin appears more firm and elastic, the tissues more toned and the shapes redefined. The nebulization eases the application and the immediate absorption of the product.

  • 62,92€

Active ingredients

  • Proline

    Non-essential amino acid (the body is capable of synthesizing it) used from the body in great quantities for the collagen production process, protein responsible for skin firmness and compactness. Along with elastin, they are the main components of the dermis.
  • Arginine

    Specific amino acid for dry and inelastic skins. Performs a re-elastifying action on the tissues, promoting elastin synthesis, found in the dermis. This protein allows the tissue to return to its original form after undergoing stretching and contractions.
  • Lysine

    Essential amino acid (the body is not capable of synthesizing it) included in the collagen formation processes, increasing skin firmness and tone. Redensifying collagen fibers the tissue appears more compact and toned.