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Nourishing Exfoliating Gel

  • 200 ml
Body gel that performs a gentle exfoliation thanks to the presence of apple juice. The action is counterbalanced by nourishing and ... relipidizing agents enclosed in soft jojoba pearls to be massaged until complete absorption and no need to rinse. Efficiently prepares the skin for the application of treating products.
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After every shower
Gel with suspended granules

The skin is smoothed and refined, the light exfoliation is balanced by the nourishment and lipid supply of the product that grants softness anc comfort to the skin. The rapid application eases the use of the product.

  • 45,10€

Active ingredients

  • Apple Extract

    Rich in phenolic compounds with numerous functional properties, has an antioxidising action, neutralizes and eliminates free radicals, has an ant allergic effect, with a reduction of redness and dermatitis, has an antinflammatory and soothing action. The presence of Malic Acid stimulates cell renewal.
  • Jojoba Pearls

    Jojoba based microspheres that fluidify after being rubbed on the skin, releasing waxy esters, vitamin E, B compound vitamins and minerals such as zinc, copper and iodine. Because of its sebum-like nature, it easily penetrates the skin granting nourishment and softness.
  • ChronoComplex

    Extracted from beer yeast, it is a combination of cytoplasmic and mitochondrial constituents. Its revitalizing action reinforces the skins natural ability to repair itself from damaging environmental agents.

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