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Cleansing Clay

  • 200 ml
Fluid cleansing clay, suitable for face, body and hair: natural source of essential minerals and oligo elements. Enriched with ... moisturzing, antioxidant and regenerating factors. Gently cleanses in depth while remineralizing the skin.
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Type of skin
All skin types (face included)
Every shower
Clay emulsion

The skin is perfectly cleansed, nourished and hydrated. Skin dryness is reduced and rednesses soothed. The aroma of the product involves in a strongly sensorial experience.

  • 36,08€

Active ingredients

  • Kaolin

    Also known as Red Clay, rich with silicon and aluminum, it performs a remarkable soothing, detoxifying and dermo-purifying action. Performing an absorbing action, calls toxins and waste to the surface to be eliminated from the body, for a deep purifying action on interstitial level.
  • Bentonite

    Also known as grey clay, it is a fine powder with a strong absorbing and purifying action by virtue of its extreme porosity. Works on the skin like a sponge, absorbing impurities and residues left on the skin’s surface, through an epidermal affinity principle.
  • Carnitine

    Substance that increases the energy of epidermal cells, increasing their metabolism. It is also capable of reducing MPP activity (metalloproteinases), degenerative tissue enzymes. This protective activity helps maintain vital and firm the skin structures.

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