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Overnight remodelling body balm

  • 150 ml
Ultra-rich remodelling body balm capable of releasing actives for a prolonged time during sleep. The chrono-active ingredients are ... efficiently absorbed during night hours, to remodel the silhouette.
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Thick emulsion

The visibility of the orange peel look is reduced, the body is remodeled and the shapes regain balance and harmony.

  • 65,56€

Active ingredients

  • Adiposhock

    Drosera extract that contains actives such as phenolic acids and flavonoids capable of reducing fat accumulations. This phytocomplex reduces the accumulation of adipocytes during lipogenesis, diminishes the size of adipocytes and stimulates lipolysis; it is a real «fat eater».
  • Pineapple Extract

    Uses the abundance of amino acids, fruit acids, and oligo elements (magnesium, potassium, manganese and calcium) to perform an anti-edemigenic, anti-inflammatory and re-epithelializing action. Reduces vasodilation and the excessive capillary permeability.
  • Carnitine

    Substance that increases the energy of epidermal cells, increasing their metabolism. It is also capable of reducing MPP activity (metalloproteinases), degenerative tissue enzymes. This protective activity helps maintain vital and firm the skin structures.

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