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Toning Face B-Dose

  • 10 ml
Concentrate of pure lifting and firming ingredients. Redensifies the skin’s structure and reduces the size of wrinkles.
Type of skin
Toneless skin
Morning and evening

The skin is restructured, toning and tightening the tissues to restore their natural volume. Sagginess is reduced, the facial features are redefined. The elasticity of the skin is restored, and wrinkles and fine lines are softened.

  • 58,30€

Active ingredients

  • Oligopeptide 4

    Stimulates elastin and type 1 collagen synthesis, activating the biological promotors and increasing «epidermal firming» reorganizing the matrix of the dermis. All of the involved genes in the structure of the cutaneous tissues are stimulated to reorganize the elastin and collagen fibers.
  • Oligopeptide 6

    Hexapeptide that reinforces physiological reparation and renewal mechanisms of cellular DNA, preserving its genomic integrity and cellular youth. Our DNA undergoes endogenous and exogenous traumas due to genotoxic agents that can cause a cell collapse on the cutaneous level.
  • Redpepperstem

    Meristematic cells based complex obtained from chili peppers. The meristem is a vegetable tissue (rich with flavonoids polyphenols and carotenoids) capable of dividing by mitosis in order to give birth to new cells. Its regenerating action grants elasticity and firms the skin.

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