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B-Dose X

Revitalizing Face B-Dose

  • 10 ml
The spark that restores energy to the skin. Revitalizes and stimulates the skin’s regeneration processes, for a younger and vital.
Type of skin
Fatigued skin
Morning and evening

Cellular activity is fully restored to optimal levels, reactivating the processes that revitalize and regenerate the skin. The face looks younger, more toned and visibly smoother.

  • 58,30€

Active ingredients

  • Ubiquinone

    Coenzyme Q10 that performs an anti-radical and protective action against of photo-aging damage. It is an enzymatic antioxidant cofactor on cell membrane level.
  • DMAE

    Anti-gravity firming action molecule capable of increasing the contraction of mimic muscles and performing a firming action. The DMAE is a membrane stabilizer so it grants the cell membrane more support and stress resistance.
  • AntioxySystem

    Natural phospholipid based liposomal complex that carries soothing substances for oxidative processes: Ubiquinone and Alpha Lipoic Acid. The mixture of actives performs a neutralizing action on free radicals and a chelating action on metal derivatives to preserve an optimal genetic expression.

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