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B-Dose XI

Redensifying Face B-Dose

  • 10 ml
Pure vegetal phytoestrogen actives. Counteracts the signs of aging, regenerates and rejuvenates the look of the face.
Type of skin
Mature skin
Morning and evening

The estrogen levels are balanced naturally and phytotherapeutically, helping to ensure deep cellular regeneration. The face looks more youthful, and the features are redensified and smoothed.

  • 58,30€

Active ingredients

  • Hop Phytoestrogens

    Vegetal extracts rich with hormonlike action molecules. The cell membranes have receptors that react to stimulation from estrogenic hormones present in the female body, responsible of various biological processes from which turgidity, tissue firmness and hydration depend.
  • GAG Enhancer

    Increases skin tone by stimulating GAG activity. This molecule has a tonifying and remodeling action thanks to the stimulation of the GAG’s biosynthesis:
    • Increase in hyaluronic synthesis
    • Increase in collagen levels
  • Oligopeptide 4

    Stimulates elastin and type 1 collagen synthesis, activating the biological promotors and increasing «epidermal firming» reorganizing the matrix of the dermis. All of the involved genes in the structure of the cutaneous tissues are stimulated to reorganize the elastin and collagen fibers.

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