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Charcoal Face Cleanser

  • 200 ml
Fluid micro-porous charcoal cleanser. Easily removes make-up and impurities, for a rosy and even complexion.
Type of skin
All skin types
Morning and evening
Micro-porous black emulsion

The skin is perfectly cleansed and moisturised, the pores are reduced and the complexion appears more even and rosy. All traces of make-up are removed, leaving the texture of the skin refined and radiant. Complete the cleansing routine with “Alphatonic”.

  • 49,50€

Active ingredients

  • Charcoal

    Porous powder derived from the combustion of wood. It has absorbent and purifying properties. Normalizes sebaceous secretion and has an anti-smog action, reason why it is particularly suitable for smokers and people who live in polluted areas.
  • Rocket Extract

    Natural extract obtained from rocket salad, stimulates the synthesis of Glutathione (enzyme composed of 3 amino acids) and performs an anti-oxidizing action. Its structure has detoxifying and immunomodulatory activities.
  • Panthenol

    Panthenol is the precursor to vitamin B5 (pro vitamin B5) and is substantially used in processes and treatments for the cellular regeneration of the skin. It also improves the barrier function of the skin, also improving its elasticity, helping it to form new cells and reducing the potential skin sensitivities.