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Warming Face Cleanser

  • 200 ml
Warming cleanser that heats up on contact with the skin, removing all the impurities. Cleanses, nourishes and protects even the most ... sensitive skin.
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Type of skin
All skin types
Morning and evening
Liquid Wax

The skin is perfectly cleansed and moisturised, the pores are reduced and the complexion appears more even and rosy. The high lipid content is perceived as a sensation of comfort and nourishment, removing even the most stubborn traces of make-up. Complete the cleansing routine with “Alphatonic”.

  • 63,80€

Active ingredients

  • White Lily Bulbs

    They have emollient, soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. The active ingredients are mucilages, tannins, sterols and glucosides. The whole extracts of white lily bulbs have an experimentally proven cutaneous bio activating property, that explain the use of fresh, bruised and boiled (in small amount of water until a semi-fluid paste is obtained) in popular cosmetics to improve the looks and the texture of senescent skins.
  • Glycerin

    Molecule with a high hygroscopic power. Presents remarkable hydrating properties, thanks to which it is possible to ensure a high water supply to the skin, fighting dehydration. Glycerin is a moisturizing agent, which is part of the aqueous phase. It is also called glycerol and presents itself as a viscous, colorless liquid.
  • Rice Oil

    For the content of polyunsaturated fatty acids and the high presence of an unsaponifiable fraction, this oil possesses excellent restoring and emollient properties. Furthermore, thanks to the high concentration of gamma-oryzanol, it presents protective properties against photo aging. HIGH CLEANSING POWER.