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Liquid Tonic Cream

  • 200 ml
Cream-tonic with hyaluronic acid and oxygenating complexes. Restores the hydrolipidic film after cleansing, moisturizes and oxygenates ... the skin. It can be used as an ultra-light cream.
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Type of skin
All skin types
Morning and evening
Micronized emulsion

The skin is radiant and well hydrated, the texture is creamy, even if impalpable, leaves the skin soft and velvety. During summer this product can act as treatment product, replacing the cream.

  • 63,80€

Active ingredients

  • Hyaluronic Acid

    Substance naturally produced by our organism with the purpose of hydrating the tissues. Its particular chemical structure confers numerous properties that make it useful in medicine and cosmetics. Confers to the skin the classic characteristics of elasticity and softness.
  • GAG Enhancer

    Increases skin tone by stimulating GAG activity. This molecule has a tonifying and remodeling action thanks to the stimulation of the GAG’s biosynthesis:
    • Increase in hyaluronic synthesis
    • Increase in collagen levels
  • ChronoComplex

    Extracted from beer yeast, it is a combination of cytoplasmic and mitochondrial constituents. Its revitalizing action reinforces the skins natural ability to repair itself from damaging environmental agents.