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Toning Face Serum

  • 15 ml
Toning serum with a “freezing” effect, it simulates the lifting effect of botox. Smoothes the features and the wrinkles giving a ... younger look.
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Type of skin
All skin types

Wrinkles and lines are reduced. Firmness and elasticity are restored thanks to the “freezing” effect that reduces expression wrinkles.

  • 67,10€

Active ingredients

  • Liftpeptide

    The secretion of neurotransmitters, released by neurons, induces muscular contractions on a biological level. This peptide inhibits the proteins involved in the crossing of neuroreceptors, limiting tissue mobility. The obtained effect on the tissues is similar to Botox.
  • Venompeptide

    Synthetic tripeptide that simulates the effect of viper venom. The contained actives concentrate on the neuromuscular activity, inhibiting muscular receptors, responsible of contractions, that no longer react to nervous impulses create an excellent decontracting effect.
  • ConcreteWax

    Dermo-compatible waxy-ceramide concentrate that improves the barrier function of dehydrated, senescent or sensible skins. This exclusive ceramide pool (1-3-6) cholesterol, fatty acids and phytosphingosine act as cellular mediator for the maintainment of cutaneous homeostasis.