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Magicover Dark

Skintone anti-age perfector

  • 30 ml
Light covering cream, enriched with mineral pigments with a “soft focus” action, in two color shades. It is suitable for every type ... of light skin and performs an anti-age and moisturizing action, covering blemishes and evening the complexion.
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Emulsion with micro-encapsulated pigments

Cream with microencapsulated pigments to revitalize the skin and improve the looks of imperfections and even the complexion.

  • 39,60 €

Active ingredients

  • Diatom Powder

    These marine algae are rich in minerals and oligo elements that play a fundamental role in preserving the skin’s balance and health. It also possesses a remarkable detoxifying ability that purifies the skin from its metabolic waste.
  • Morella Cerifera Wax

    Its lipid nature makes it an excellent ally in maintaining skin hydration and nourishment. By merging with the hydrolipidic film it enhances the lipid fraction, preventing water transpiration and strengthening skin softness.
  • Tara Wax

    This wax grants resistance to the skin and restructures the main epidermal layer to restore an optimal skin permeability. By merging with the hydrolipidic film it restores the correct barrier function, supporting the ceramides, fundamental elements for an optimal cohesion and epidermal cell compactness, the keratinocytes.

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