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Astringent Face Paste

  • 15 ml
The instant remedy to reduce pores, with an astringent and dermo-purifying action. The texture of the skin appears even and smooth.
Type of skin
All skin types

The pores are minimized and visibly reduced. The rebalancing, soothing action helps reduce the pore permanently, leaving the skin smoother and more even. The complexion looks even and is soft to the touch.

  • 44€

Active ingredients

  • Zinc Gluconate

    Zinc is a powerful inhibitor of the enzyme responsible for sebaceous overproduction. It is rebalancing and sebum-normalizing action confers a sebum balance in order to avoid follicle saturation and dilation. Furthermore, it has anti-inflammatory properties that balance the follicle.
  • Aluminum Chloride

    Astringent, antimicrobial and antipruritic action salt. Visibly smoothens pores and makes the complexion even. Important is the mechanical action of this salt, which visibly obstructs the ostium follicular.
  • Estratto di Amamelide

    In virtù dell'abbondante presenza di tannini all'interno delle sue foglie, l'estratto di Amamelide presenta proprietà batteriostatiche ed astringenti, riduce l'aspetto dei pori dilatati e risulta ideale nel trattamento delle pelli a tendenza acneica.