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Nourishing-Moisturizer Face Cream

  • 30 ml
  • 50 ml
Multitasking emulsion with a relipidizing and repairing action. Grants nourishment and comfort to the skin.
Type of skin
Dry skin
Morning and evening
Creamy emulsion

Nourishes and softens skin with a repairing, lipid-restoring action. The sensation of taut skin disappears and is replaced with a feeling of instant comfort.

  • 64,90€
  • 92,40€

Active ingredients

  • Redpepperstem

    Meristematic cells based complex obtained from chili peppers. The meristem is a vegetable tissue (rich with flavonoids polyphenols and carotenoids) capable of dividing by mitosis in order to give birth to new cells. Its regenerating action grants elasticity and firms the skin.
  • ChronoComplex

    Extracted from beer yeast, it is a combination of cytoplasmic and mitochondrial constituents. Its revitalizing action reinforces the skins natural ability to repair itself from damaging environmental agents.
  • Retinol

    Rich in Vitamin A, it is particularly suited for aged skins. Acts as an antioxidant because it is capable of eliminating free radicals and, therefore, preventing aging. Has a role in maintaining the integrity of the skin’s structures, acting on the synthesis of various cells of the dermis.

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