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Soothing Face Cream

  • 30 ml
  • 50 ml
Synergy of moisturizing and soothing actives; a perfect ally in case of sensitivations. Specific cream for sensitive skins; deeply ... soothes and protects from external aggressions.
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Type of skin
Sensitive skin
Morning and evening
Creamy emulsion

The skin is strongly decongested, rednesses are soothed and itching sensations reduced. The lipid barrier of the skin is restored and grants protection and softness to the skin that, is immediately less vulnerable to sensitivations and redness.

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  • 81,40€

Active ingredients

  • Copper peptides

    Tripeptide combined with a copper ion capable of stimulating the functionality of keratinocytes. Clinical tests have demonstrated the regenerating capacity of this active ingredient, which intervenes in the processes of birth and cell growth, activating tissue revitalization.
  • Wheat Germ Oil

    Rich with essential fatty acids (Linoleic, oleic and linolenic) and antioxidant d-alpha-tocopherol. Wheat germ oil presents itself as sebum-similar and is well tolerated by the skin. It is indicated for sensible skins, due to its restitutive and firming properties.
  • ConcreteWax

    Dermo-compatible waxy-ceramide concentrate that improves the barrier function of dehydrated, senescent or sensible skins. This exclusive ceramide pool (1-3-6) cholesterol, fatty acids and phytosphingosine act as cellular mediator for the maintainment of cutaneous homeostasis.

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