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Rejuvenating Moisturizer Face Cream

  • 30 ml
  • 50 ml
Rich anti-age emulsion that counteracts free radicals, stimulating cellular regeneration processes. Revitalizes the tissues and grants ... the skin a younger look.
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Type of skin
Senescent skin
Morning and evening
Creamy emulsion

The skin looks more youthful and toned. Wrinkles and fine lines are visibly reduced, the cell regeneration and revitalisation processes are re-launched and restored to an optimal level of efficiency.

  • 64,90€
  • 92,40€

Active ingredients

  • Retinol

    Rich in Vitamin A, it is particularly suited for aged skins. Acts as an antioxidant because it is capable of eliminating free radicals and, therefore, preventing aging. Has a role in maintaining the integrity of the skin’s structures, acting on the synthesis of various cells of the dermis.
  • Wheat Germ Oil

    Rich with essential fatty acids (Linoleic, oleic and linolenic) and antioxidant d-alpha-tocopherol. Wheat germ oil presents itself as sebum-similar and is well tolerated by the skin. It is indicated for sensible skins, due to its restitutive and firming properties.
  • Bio Placental EGFs

    Protein extracted from vegetable bio placenta. These molecules possess an anti-wrinkle, firming, regenerating, repairing and nourishing action; the EGFs (Epidermal Growth Factor), stimulate hyaluronic acid synthesis along with growth and cell separation processes.

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