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Overnight Face Mask

  • 30 ml
Long-acting mask with an anti-oxidizing and regenerating action. Upon awakening the skin looks younger, brighter and more compact.
Type of skin
All skin types
2/3 times a week

The skin during the night application regains all the functional elements for a deep cellular regeneration. The supply of anti-age substances during the night metabolic peak leads to a regenerated and younger look.

  • 38,50€

Active ingredients

  • Redpepperstem

    Meristematic cells based complex obtained from chili peppers. The meristem is a vegetable tissue (rich with flavonoids polyphenols and carotenoids) capable of dividing by mitosis in order to give birth to new cells. Its regenerating action grants elasticity and firms the skin.
  • Rocket Extract

    Natural extract obtained from rocket salad, stimulates the synthesis of Glutathione (enzyme composed of 3 amino acids) and performs an anti-oxidizing action. Its structure has detoxifying and immunomodulatory activities.
  • Polifilm

    Polymer based multisensory mixture with a breathable film-making action. This molecule, when drying on the stratum corneum, creates a layer capable of conveying the active ingredients contained in the mask, performing a carrier action during the entire laying phase.