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Anti-Dark Circle Cream

  • 15 ml
Soothing and protective eye contour cream. Refreshes the eye contour and reduces dark circles.
Type of skin
All skin types
Morning and evening

The periocular area immediately looks brighter and even. Dark circles are reduced thanks to a renewed blood circulation.

  • 53,90€

Active ingredients

  • Ozonized Oil

    Combination between Ozone and vegetal origin oil, that mixed create an ozone-based compound. Its cosmetic value is proven by a remarkable anti-oxidizing action, because interacting with cell membranes it develops a reaction that produces ATPs.
  • Phytopeptide

    Complex derived from rice and soy peptides that contains an enzymatic anti-oxidizing factor (S.O.D.). Stimulates the proliferation of fibroblasts and elastin, performing a redensifying action on the skins structure. The renewed blood supply increases the oxygen supply to the tissues.
  • Bisabolol

    Obtained by distillation of chamomile extract, Bisabololol is usually used in cosmetics for sensitive and delicate skins, because of its delicate soothing, calming, decongesting, de-stressing, skin restoring and anti-reddening properties. Soothes the skin.