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Eye & lip lipogel make-up remover

  • 75 ml
Lipogel based on restoring vegetal oils that act by affinity, capable of removing even the most resistant make-up with extreme ... delicacy. Argan, baobab, olive, sweet almond, rice and sunflower oils are enriched with phytosterols and vitamin E to ensure an anti-age action on the skin and a restructuring action on the eyelashes. Hypoallergenic formulation free of parabens, petrolatum and dyes with isolacrimetric pH, extremely safe and efficient, capable of nourishing eyelashes and lips while cleansing.
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Gently cleanses the lips and eye contour. The removal of make-up, even waterproof, is efficient and non-traumatic.

  • 26,40 €

Active ingredients

  • Baobab Oil

    Antioxidant and nourishing effect on hair and nails. Its properties are known especially for the eyelashes, of which it increases their resistance and stimulates their growth. Rich in fatty acids, phytosterols and vitamins, it prolongs the anagen and catagen phase of the lashes increasing their life span. HIGH CLEANSING POWER.
  • Rice Oil

    For the content of polyunsaturated fatty acids and the high presence of an unsaponifiable fraction, this oil possesses excellent restoring and emollient properties. Furthermore, thanks to the high concentration of gamma-oryzanol, it presents protective properties against photo aging. HIGH CLEANSING POWER.
  • Sweet Almond Oil

    Contains glycerides of oleic and linoleic acid and saturated fatty acids including myristic acid. Widely used in cosmetics, this oil possesses softening and emollient properties. HIGH CLEANSING POWER.

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