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Soothing tanning spray

  • 125 ml

Tan prolonging tanning spray that grants a natural and golden tan. Ensures a natural and even tan with a simple spray. ... Formulation free of mineral oils, propellants and parabens.

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At will, after a scrub

Grants a golden, even and natural tan, with or without the sun, through a self-induced and mechanical pigmentation process.

  • 35,20 €

Active ingredients

  • DHA

    Also known as Dihydroxyacetone, is a small synthesis molecule that, applied on the skin, reacts with the amminoacids and keratin creating colored complexes from yellow to brown (Maillard reaction). This molecule develops a progressive tanning process that pigments the skin with a modulated reaction.
  • Bronze pigments

    This mixture of powders creates a bronze color that deposits on the skin and pigments the corneum from the outside for and instantaneous and corrective color on keratinocytes. The chromatic action is immediately after the application.
  • Aloe Extract

    Thanks to its concentration in mucopolysaccharides, Aloe Vera has the remarkable ability to retain water, so it is very effective in treating dehydrated skins. The anti-allergic, soothing and antinflammatory action is ideal for restoring sensitive skins.