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SunBlock SPF 50+

Total protection

  • 15 ml
Balm for delicate and sensitive face and body areas such as tattoos, scars, lips and eye contour. Rich emulsion enriched with inert ... physical filters to protect the delicate areas from UVA, UVB and IR rays. The creamy cosmetic form along with the precision applicator, allow a safe and targeted application. Powerful formulation free of mineral oils, parabens and nano derivative filters.
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Every sun exposure
Creamy emulsion

Protects lips, eye contour, tattoos, scars and hypersensitive areas from the sun.

  • 25,30 €

Active ingredients

  • Chemical filters

    Molecules capable of selectively absorb the energy from UV radiations, disperse them and therefore making them harmless. They mimic the mechanism of melanin; so they are efficient in absorbing electromagnetic energy and returning it in the form of other energy.
  • Dermofilm

    Hydrophobic polymer with a high molecular weight that makes the product water resistant and long lasting. Creates a transpiring film on the skin’s layer that ensures an even distribution of the solar filter, a resistance to abrasion from rubbing on the beach towel and a non-solubilization of the product due to water or sweat.
  • (IR) Shield

    This natural molecule cosmetically mimics a soothing cortisonic effect, protecting the cellular genetic expression, with a consequent prevention action against collagen and elastin protein degradation.